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Doodoo Wah - Deep Six
The long awaited sixth album. 30 songs (some are rather short) including Florida, O Sama, BushIt, Don't Pet the Dog, Clyde & Jesus and the Pledge of Allegiance, Sweet Pea Septic and 24 more. Almost all a CD will hold! Available on CD only - $15+Shipping more info

Doodoo Wah - 5.0

The fifth album from Doodoo Wah. Includes the usual smattering of guest stars, Cactus Bob and the Prairie Flower, the Foothillbillys etc... Plus Special Guest Tom Ball $15+Shipping more info


Doodoo Wah - LIVE!
This double length CD includes all of your favorite Doodoo Wah tunes. Recorded at seven different concerts. You may be applauding on this album. Runs 73min-49sec (11 seconds shy of all a CD will hold)... CD only $15+Shipping more info

Doodoo Wah - For Amusement Only
The second album, recorded in 1993 (Reissued in 1996 to include the new Nixon song). Great hits like: Big Five-O, Long-a-sing, The Beer Song, Flop-Eared Mule and 11 more...CD only $15+Shipping more info

Doodoo Wah - DOODOO WAH
The album that started it all. Includes Since My Baby Turned Gay, Homegrown Tomaters, BARF Construction, Workin' for the Japanese and 7 more. Once again available on CD $15+Shipping (Cassettes are gone)more info

Doodoo Wah - And Then Some
Popular songs: Dr. Kevorkian, Lorena, Yeow, Ellie Nestler, Bad Bull Rider, Christ It's Christmas Again and 7 more. $15+Shipping more info

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