Bad news, Yeow fans: We're taking the 2006-2007 season off.

Like, no Yeows this season.

There is a very serious illness in the Yeow family. Suzanne DeLacy, wife of Doodoo Wah's Ron, Yeow's musical director and publicist, is fighting a cancer invasion into her esophagus, stomach and liver.

We hope you understand, and we hope to see you in a Yeow revival in the winter of 2007-2008.

Meanwhile, most of the Yeow participants are playing various gigs.

Sourdough Slim is as busy as ever, and you can check out his schedule at

Cactus Bob and the Prairie Flower are performing not only in Faux Renwah but also with Doodoo Wah's Dave Cavanagh in a revival of the old Fiddlestix band. See all about that at

Julio In Glasses plays with the new Rose Creek Ramblers band, which also includes Michael P. Kennedy of Faux Renwah. For performance information, give Julio a jingle at (209) 533-9535.

Blackwood Tom Schmidt and Patty Dahlstrom play as a duet. Call for information at (209) 722-9232.

Masha Goodman, our clogger-banjoist, plays with the old-timey Orange Possum Special. See

Thanks for your understanding and support.



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