SECRETS All Guitar Players Should Know Book

SECRETS All Guitar Players Should Know Book

100s of useful tips that even veteran musicians do not know.

Tricks to make your instruments play easier and sound better compiled by Dave Cavanagh, a professional player and repairman since 1968.

Simple concepts that all stringed instrument players need to make their music easier to produce - perfect as a teaching tool. Good for the teacher as well!

Author's note:

After doing repairs and dealing with customers in several different music stores for over 40 years, I've found there are at least a hundred questions that I've answered a thousand times. Each.

Someone needed to write a book to inform musicians about the care and feeding of their instruments, the proper order to make adjustments and how to accurately get them (and keep them) in tune.

And, there are many ways to unintentionally do damage to instruments that people just don't know about. I see and repair stupid damage weekly. People also need to know when a repair is necessary, and when they shouldn't bother the repairman.

I suddenly realized that, with my knowledge, experience and friends in the industry, I was qualified to write such a book. So I did. It also includes other tidbits of information I thought people might want to know, like copyright stuff, stage presence advice, traveling tips, my pet peeves, et cetera.

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